Involution continues to support businesses ready to ‘Return To Work’

By Involution
schedule1st Apr 21

With more industries and workplaces set to open up with the easing of the Government’s restrictions, Involution continues to support businesses with personalised PPE kits to create a safe working environment for all.

Preparation is key and integrated into any business reopening should be a clean and safe environment that protects staff and customers with a smooth transition back, creating confidence and trust at the same time.

Our ‘Return to Work’ kits are tailor-made, suited to your company size and purpose, and contains PPE essentials with name personalised products for each staff member and your company branding.

As all kits are bespoke, we have a wide range of products suitable to be included from hand sanitisers to masks, anti-bac wipes to safety stickers, personalised notebook sets, mugs and more.

Each kit is designed to make reopening the workplace simple with all the necessary items for your staff in one bespoke box.

We service any business and industry from A-Z and are proud to have already helped over 7,000 (and counting) employees return to their work safely since the first lockdown.

Having a safe and secure workplace is critical, not only for the successful operations of the business but also for the reputation and relationship with staff and customers. With effective measures in place to create a safe work environment, the risk of infection is hugely reduced, increasing the health and wellbeing of those within your business.

From one member of the Made in Yorkshire community to another, let us help you create a risk-free workspace with our bespoke branded PPE kits. We’ll gladly provide you with a free no-obligation quote with product mock-ups and samples to help you prepare for the big move back. For more information visit or contact [email protected] / 0113 256 0217