New ‘Back to Work’ kits launched by Involution to support businesses reopening

By Involution
schedule22nd Jul 20

Innovative ‘Back to Work’ PPE kits launched amidst COVID-19 pandemic to help companies re-open safely.

To support businesses that are looking to reopen during the crisis, Involution has launched a brand new ‘Back to Work’ kit service. The custom kits are designed to help companies bring staff back safely into the workplace after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The kits contain the key PPE essentials, as recommended by the Government, and company-branded items to ensure the safety of the workforce and others on site.

Involution has already supported several key automotive players with kits, although they have been designed to support businesses of any size and industry. To date, the kits have helped over 3,000 employees get back to work safely.  The content of the kits are customisable and include essential PPE supplies, personalised clothing and branded merchandise from medical face masks to social distancing floor markings, hand sanitiser, gloves, goggles and personal staff items such as uniform, mugs, and notebooks.

Alongside looking to support the safe operation of businesses, Involution’s essential PPE kits aim is to simplify the process for employers by reducing the time and cost needed to find various items and suppliers. Instead, Involution is the one-stop-shop for the key PPE essentials when returning to work.

Michael Ainsworth, Managing Director at Involution, said: “We’re really proud and excited to launch our ‘Back to Work’ kits. Our mission has always been to support businesses and be their key marketing brand partner. 

So especially now, when businesses are in their pivotal milestone to reopen, we can support them with our essential PPE box to ensure their staff and customers are as safe as they can be under these important circumstances.”

For more information on Involution’s ‘Back to Work’ kit visit or get in touch [email protected] / 0113 256 0217